How to Bring Your Baby to the Game (Safely)

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How to Bring Your Baby to the Game (Safely)

The arena fills, the players come out, the crowd goes wild! The once rumbling noise of chit chat becomes something much more - a loud energy that fills the stands.

Let's face it, we LOVE cheering for our favorite team at a live game. The energy you get from other fans, the music booming, the announcers on the overhead speakers calling each play, it's all a part of what gets us into the game and excited for our team. But, while we're enjoying the loud and the fun, we don't often concern ourselves with just how damaging that loud noise is to our hearing.

Loud noises can have lasting negative effects on our hearing. And while adults might be okay leaving the game with that dull feeling in their ears (they should have earplugs, too), for infants and children, the effects can be a long lasting problem that they didn't get to choose.

For infants and kids, super loud noises can be scary and painful or overwhelming. Protecting them with proper fitting hearing protection will prevent permanent noise-induced hearing loss and allow them to enjoy the events they are at happily.

The goal for hearing protection is not to  completely avoid loud situation, or even to drown out or block out the noise completely, but rather to offer a buffer that will allow you, and your children, to enjoy the noise safely.

Families heading to the game will be busy packing a lot of essentials, bottles, snacks, blankets, seat cushions, and big foam fingers, but an essential that is often missed is hearing protection.

Banz has hearing protection for every stage of childhood, and they're all completely portable and up to the task of protecting those little ears!

Banz infant hearing protection headphones for football games

At the end of the day, the ability to hear is a precious asset; sound is a rich, wonderful, and powerful part of the human experience; and by investing as early as possible in baby ear muffs or other child hearing protectors, you can help your child grow up ready to enjoy a lifetime of good hearing -- including the opportunity to fully experience all those heart-pounding, mesmerizing, loud things we humans love so dearly.

Including football games.


Be prepared, all you die-hard sports-loving parents, because child hearing protection does have one potential drawback: with a good pair of baby ear muffs on, your tiny little sports fan in the making may snooze right through his or her very first football game!



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