S is for Sun Safety Preschool & Kindergarten Activity

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S is for Sun Safety Preschool & Kindergarten Activity

Parents and caregivers often ask us, "How do we get our kids to keep their sunglasses on?" Our simple response has always been, "Practice, Practice, Practice!"

We all know the phrase "Practice makes perfect!" While perfection isn't always the outcome, when you practice Sun Safe Habits regularly with your children, they soon become second nature, establishing habits that will protect your children for a lifetime.

Talking to kids about Sun Safety and covering up is easy when you rememebr SLIP, SLOP, SLAP and WRAP! Not only is it fun to say, it's become the standard in Australia and New Zealand for teaching kids to be sun safe outdoors.

Use these four easy words to help you remember just what to do! 

Slipinto a shirt and into some shade between 10am and 4pm when the sun’s ultraviolet rays are at their strongest. UV Rashguards are perfect for pool time or play time!

Slopon some sunscreen before going outdoors. The best type is called an SPF30+ broad-spectrum sunscreen. Wipe it on thickly at least 15 minutes before going outside, and then reapply when you get outside to make sure you’ve covered all your skin completely. If you go swimming or run around and get sweaty, make sure you put sunscreen on again every two hours.

Slapon a hat. The best hats to wear are the wide brimmed hats or bucket hats. Caps are not sun smart as they do not protect the back of the neck and ears but if that’s all you have make sure you slap it on.

Wrapon a pair of sunglasses. Choose close fitting wraparound sunglasses.

Remember, you can get sunburnt on a cloudy day or in the water. It’s the rays of the sun that burn your skin, not the heat so even when it is cool or cloudy you can still get sun burnt. The reflection from the water can make the rays of the sun even stronger so always make sure you Slip, Slop, Slap and Wrap!


Download these fun worksheets to continue the conversation with your preschool and kindergarten aged children! Ask your child to draw a hat or sunglasses on the Sun to help protect him!

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