Why do kids need sunglasses?

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Why do kids need sunglasses?

How does Ultraviolet Light affect a child’s eyes?

2 main types of Ultraviolet (UV) Light:
    UVA - is visible and causes tanning and contributes to aging.

    UVB - is invisible and causes sunburn and skin cancer. UVB is more damaging.

🐵    80% of a lifetime sun exposure is obtained before age 18.

🐵    Children from the ages of birth to adolescence are at greatest risk to accrue eye damage from ultraviolet light.

🐵    Immediately after birth, nearly all UV Light is transmitted through the lens to the retina of the infant’s eye because an infant’s lenses have not begun the critical development necessary to block UV Light.

🐵    During childhood, the lens transmittance decreases as the child’s eyes further develop and by the age of 25, the lens absorbs almost all UV Light.

🐵    UV exposure contributes to the development of many eye disorders such as Photokeratitis, a reversible sun burning of the cornea; Cataracts, a clouding of the eye’s natural lens which reduces vision; and Skin Cancer can develop on the eyelids and surrounding skin.

** Information provided by the Prevent Blindness America Scientific Advisory Committee Task Force on Ultraviolet Radiation.

Easy steps to protect from UV Radiation

🐵    Wear a wide brim hat. This will reduce at least 50% of UV Light.

🐵    Use UV400 lenses in a wrap around style Sunglasses. The lenses should also be made of Polycarbonate for added impact protection; especially for children.

🐵    Even prescription glasses should use lenses that have a UV component in the material. UV protection can be incorporated in almost all materials AND is inexpensive and will NOT interfere with vision.

🐵    Check your local weather reports for the daily UV Index.

🐵    Consult your Optical Professional for other ways to ensure safe and long term “Fun in the Sun”




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